Plan Your QC

Aurora QC Solutions enable you to create Smart Test Plans with more file containers and codecs, more baseband quality measures, plus automatic and manual integrated workflows.

Analyze More

Aurora QC Solutions analyze your files faster than any other QC solution and with less false positives, in an architecture that is scalable to meet your QC throughput demands.

Review Faster

Aurora QC Solutions reduce the average time to review each reported QC issue from minutes to seconds, enabling you to review up to 8 times more content in the same time period.

Take Smarter Actions

Aurora QC Solutions automate your entire QC workflow, controlling or communicating with third party solutions to take corrective or other actions based on the QC decisions made. 



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New at NAB: The Launch of AURORA 5

At NAB 2014 Digimetrics launched Aurora 5, the next generation of automated file-based QC product. Aurora 5 represents a significant leap forward for file-based quality control, moving it significantly ahead of other products in its class in a number of important areas:

Unrivalled, Scalable Speed: Dynamic thread allocation for better throughput and scalability for workstations, servers blades, VMs and cloud roll-outs.

4K Production Workflow: 64-bit architecture and enhanced GPU acceleration to make 4K workflows fly, with complete support for IMF, including 4K essence and complex CPL.

Enhanced Adaptive Bit Rate Support: Testing and review playback for adaptive bit rate formats, including HLS/HSS/HDS/DASH, designed to catch streaming problems.

8x Faster Manual Review: Integrated frame accurate player with AV, captions and metadatavisualization, Review Bar, and Quality Test Overlays.

Smarter Actions: End-to-end workflows, from automating the application of test plans to automating post QC and review file movement and corrective actions.

QC Result Analytics:  In-depth search & trends, as well as report comparison to identify artifacts introduced by specific workflow processes and content sources.

What next?

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Key Benefits:
Scalable Speed

Aurora 5 delivers unprecedented QC analysis performance. With hundreds of threads and a completely new verification manager, verification units can run across any number of CPU cores, creating the potential for as much speed as you need. Combined with CUDA GPU acceleration Aurora 5 analyzes more file containers and codecs, with more baseband quality measures faster than ever, with a solution architecture that is scalable to meet your QC throughput demands.


Market Leading
from 4K to ABR

Aurora 5 is the only QC solution that can test and play back IMF, including complex CPLs, and is capable of testing 4K in any other container or codec, including JPEG 2000, DPX, HEVC, H.264. It is also the only solution capable of both testing and playing back HLS/HSS/HDS/DASH and CableLabs intermediate ABR playlist file sets, with tests specifically designed to catch the most common causes of adaptive bit rate streaming problems.


Up To 8x Faster

Aurora 5 provides you with the workflow to manually review QC test reports more efficiently than ever. Our integrated frame accurate Hydra Player with Review Bar window enables you to easily jump to the exact frame of each reported artifact, with smooth playback of the file even up to 4K. Use our Quality Test Highlights functionality to see issues quicker, add your notes and enter your QC decisions. Review up to 8 times faster than a traditional manual review.


for Smarter Action

Aurora 5 enables you to implement end-to-end workflows either as a standalone QC operation or integrated into leading third party workflow solutions.  Automate the application of test plans according to file attributes. Automate the actions taken based on automated QC results or Manual Review Decisions, including audio normalization with our AutoFix software. Use our QC Analytics plug-in to identify QC artifact trends from your multiple content sources.