Aurora 5 file-based QC

Unparalleled, scalable
QC Analysis Speed

Aurora 5 file-based QC

4K Proven
Production Workflow

Aurora 5 file-based QC

Enhanced Adaptive
Bit Rate Support

Hydra player

Up to 8x Faster
Manual Review

AutoFix Audio Normalization

High Quality
Loudness Correction

Aurora 5 file-based QC

QC Analytics Plugin
for trends and comparisons

Aurora 5 file-based QC

Extensive third
party solution integration

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Aurora 5 delivers unparalleled QC analysis speed and the ability to scale that speed to meet QC throughput demands. Guarantee QC Capacity with the Aurora 5 unique combination of dedicated CPU Core allocation and GPU Acceleration. Run different QC task queues for priority / large file and standard file QC analysis by selecting from 3 levels of product, each with dynamically configurable speed. 


The QC Analytics plug-in to Aurora 5 enables analysis of multiple QC Reports and search within QC Reports. Identify QC artifact trends and compare results from QC analysis performed at different workflow stages. Identify QC issues from specific content providers, whether internal departments or external organizations, so that corrective actions can be taken.


Aurora 5 delivers enhanced ABR file testing with tests that have been specifically designed to catch the most common causes of adaptive bit rate streaming problems. Hydra Player supports playout of ABR, including any codecs or text referenced in the playlist, and manual bitrate review switching. All major ABR codecs supported including HLS/HSS/HDS/DASH and CableLabs. 

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Aurora 5 delivers the performance and functionality to enable file-based QC to be part of 4K production workflow. Real-time or faster QC testing and Hydra Player smooth playback for all leading containers and codecs, including JPEG 2000, DPX, HEVC, H.264/AVC/AVCI/XAVC. Support for IMF, the master format agreed on by major motion picture studios, with CPL QC and playback.

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